A search for the explanation of our existence...

Ramesh Nathan, born in California, USA, has been a long-time researcher of occult and esoteric concepts. Belonging to numerous occult organizations, Ramesh has been able to compile the most important research on the New Age, and humanity in general as it relates to evolutionary processes. From a young age, Ramesh has been fascinated with the God concept and religions in general. He spent much of his youth traveling the world and pursuing the ancient hidden mysteries. At around 21, Ramesh ended up in India and studied with Indian mystics and shamans in ashrams around the country. Later on in life, Ramesh was fortunate enough to meet certain people who were to become his spiritual teachers. These mystical teachers taught him about the secrets of the mystery schools. Ramesh was initiated into the Great White Lodge at their great Himalayan Ashram in his twenties and began to do his work for the order. After completing several Lodge initiations in a short period of time, Ramesh knew that he must spread this information to the world at large, although did not know how. 


He always had mystical experiences happen in his life, such as astral projection, and the opening of the mystery doors of wisdom. His masters told him he had a connection to the other planes of existence. Ramesh, upon his last initiation, received instruction to start a new applied philosophy for the world, called Illuminism. This instruction was followed by a bizarre incident which included Ramesh getting electrocuted and passing out for around six hours. In this blacked out state, Ramesh experienced a truly spiritual event, where he was transported to another place, which he says was Sirius. On this mystical plane he was given exact instructions as to how to create the philosophy of Illuminism and how it must be distributed to the world. Ramesh states that he was instructed by the Great Masters of Sirius and given a blueprint as to the whole structure of Illuminism. The Masters told Ramesh that this was his only mission in life, to start this religion and leave it for future generations. Ramesh has been committed to the task ever since. His writings since that point have been, what is called, automated writing. Automated writing is where information from other planes is channeled through Ramesh. He is simply the vessel through which the information comes through.

The Church of Illuminism, although not a typical church, is an applied religion philosophy created to teach man how to attain his highest potential in this lifetime. Ramesh himself has obtained the knowledge of other worlds in this lifetime through his inter-dimensional experiences and anyone who reads his books will find this to be true. Ramesh’s Church of Illuminism is the true organization whose members will be able to call themselves the Illuminati, as they are true Illuminists, or people who have reached apotheosis. Ramesh has understood the esoteric truths as they relate to the current world situation and the major religions. He sees the grand connection between the mystery schools of antiquity and the current religious systems we have in place. The Age of Enlightenment is upon us and the Church of Illuminism is the religion for this new age. Mankind must turn their focus to this ultimate truth if they wish to proceed to the next phase of evolution. Mainstream science and religion does not show the way to our natural future, instead it lights up the path for an artificial existence, one devoid of nature and of true spirituality. Ramesh’s books are the missing links to the world’s story. Ramesh has written over 30 books thus far and plans on continuing writing more books in the future and distributing them to the world through the Church of Illuminism.