An Introduction to Illuminism

Book Cover: An Introduction to Illuminism
Editions:ePub: $ 19.99
ISBN: 9780463168646

Do you want to better yourself to your highest potential?

Have you been seeking help on how to control your mind, body, and soul and use it for your benefit?

If the answer is yes to any of these two questions, then Illuminism - The Science of Reaching Man's Highest Potential is a must read!

Publisher: Church of Illuminism International, Inc.

As we enter the New Age, mankind must take the steps toward his next evolutionary stage. Evolution of the mind, body, soul, and most importantly, the consciousness is crucial at this point in man’s existence. Man's consciousness must evolve, it must change. Mankind has been suppressed, and taught to live by certain imposed laws and values. It has been given ideas to absorb and taught what to think instead of HOW TO THINK. It is now time to take a step out of the box and re-evaluate these laws and values that do not serve us as individuals or as a society and start living by the laws and values which will propel us and humanity to the next step of evolution. Illuminism shows you HOW TO THINK. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a widespread topic of discussion in this time and is not the answer. It is an unnatural evolution. We must evolve naturally, the way it was intended. Illuminism - The Science of Reaching Man's Highest Potential is the definitive book on what must be done by individuals and the world at large so that we can take the next step. Illuminism is the science of religion. The explanation of the human body, the psychology of the soul, and the power of the spirit. Illuminism shines a light on these concepts which, up until now, have been shrouded in darkness. Illuminism is the religion of the new age. It is the way out of the cycle and into the light. Realize your highest potential in life and become what you want. Illuminism is the way. It can be a religious doctrine, as it does serve as the doctrine for the Church of Illuminism but it ALSO is a self-help book, teaching how to master yourself and use your mental power to achieve what you want in life. Illuminism - The Science of Reaching Man's Highest Potential is the ultimate guide for the self-improvement…

Illuminism is based on concrete knowledge and science. Learning how to think is one of the most fundamentally important things that we must learn to do. “Man” is literally “one who thinks”, so we must now learn how and reach the apex of using these mental faculties within us. Illuminism and the proper teachings of esoteric sciences has a special significance to humanity.

Illuminism, The Science of Reaching Man’s Highest Potential, is the key to transmuting the world’s poor modern educational systems and mental sciences with the real truth and substance of the science of the soul and esoteric psychology. This transmutation can lead out of darkness and into the light.

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