Apotheosis: The Journey to God

Book Cover: Apotheosis: The Journey to God
Editions:ePub (Spanish): $ 9.99ePub: $ 9.99

Apotheosis -The Journey to God is the foundational doctrine for the religion of the new age, Illuminism. Apotheosis is a truthful exposition on the condition of mankind, and offers the road of illumination, with an ultimate goal of apotheosis, as the answer. Proven scientific and spiritual concepts are discussed as being the guidelines of this new religion. Illuminism is the doctrine that we have all been searching for. Mankind must develop their beings to the highest point, to the apex of development, then only can we see what lies ahead of us. Illuminism is the religion for all mankind, it is the next step in man's evolution!

SPANISH Version Available Here

Publisher: Church of Illuminism International, Inc.

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