Astral Projection Volume 4: Interpretation

Learn the true science behind astral projection and our of body experiences. This fascinating book, part of the Occult Sciences Series, is the fourth in the series to explain the true methods of astral projection as taught by the ancient mystery schools. You can gain guidance and insight into life's problems from the astral world. Astral projection, considered by some as a pseudo-science, however incorrectly, is a way to access your spiritual power and awaken your consciousness. This ancient, lost art can help you in a variety of ways to improve your daily life.Books in the Astral Projection series:Volume 1: Waking UpVolume 2: Multiple DimensionsVolume 3: AnalysisVolume 4: InterpretationVolume 5: ReturningVolume 6: Dream Symbolism

Publisher: Church of Illuminism International, Inc.

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