The Mechanics of the Soul

Book Cover: The Mechanics of the Soul

The Mechanics of the Soul is an in-depth look at the inner workings of the most complex machine, the soul. This authoritative text discusses the three brains of man and how the intellectual animal (man) must transform his nature thus building the soul. Hidden truths are revealed as to the long held secrets of the building of the soul, the alchemical process of synthesizing the soul, and what and how it is powered. Unlike anything you have ever read, The Mechanics of the Soul, promises to bring you the teachings of the ancient masters on how to take the correct steps to and integrate certain principles into your life to aid in man's endeavor to his highest potentiality. The Mechanics of the Soul also introduces the revolutionary ethics concepts of Illuminism and how by using these ethics along with living under the prescribed Illuminist life path, one can ascend his lower nature and fulfill his destiny here on Earth. This amazing work of Ramesh Nathan must be read by anyone walking the path of self-realization as it will define certain arcane and esoteric concepts in ways that have yet to be done until now.

Publisher: Church of Illuminism International, Inc.

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